My research interests center on the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategic management phenomena.

Recent Publications
Anglin AH, McKenny AF, Short JC. In Press. The impact of collective optimism on new venture creation and growth. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Doi: 10.1111/etap.12256. Link
McKenny AF, Aguinis H, Short JC, Anglin AH. In Press. What doesn't get measured does exist: improving the accuracy of computer-aided text analysis. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206316657594. Link
Short JC, Ketchen DJ, McKenny AF, Allison TH, Ireland RD. 2017. Research on crowdfunding: exploring the (very recent) past and celebrating the present. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 41(2): 149-160. Link
McKenny AF, Allison TH, Short JC, Ketchen DJ, Ireland RD. 2017. How should crowdfunding research evolve? A survey of the Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice editorial board. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 41(2): 291-304. Link
Short JC, McKenny AF, Ketchen DJ, Snow CC, Hult GTM. 2016. An empirical examination of firm, industry, and temporal effects on corporate social performance. Business & Society 55(8): 1122-1156. Link
Baur JE, Buckley MR, Allison TH, McKenny AF, Short JC, Ellen BP, Ferris GR. 2016. More than one way to articulate a vision: a configurations approach to leader charismatic rhetoric and influence. The Leadership Quarterly 27(1): 156-171. Link

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