Aaron McKenny:

The Academic


I am an Assistant Professor of Management in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. At the broadest level, my research and teaching falls into three mutually reinforcing content domains: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Research Methods. Within these domains, my research emphasizes better understanding the impact of non-economic influences and language on organizational phenomena.

I hold a PhD in Management from the University of Oklahoma, where I emphasized strategy and entrepreneurship. I received my BSBA from the University of Arizona in Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems, and Operations Management.

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Aaron McKenny:

The Consultant

Before my academic career, I was a consultant at IBM Global Business Services. I worked in both the strategy and change as well as supply chain management practices. During my tenure at IBM, I engaged with clients in the IT, automotive, pharmaceutical, and industrial products industries.

I am no longer pursuing a career in consulting. However, I am open to limited consulting, training, or presentation engagements that are consistent with my career as an academic.


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Dr. McKenny knows his stuff… and it shows.

Aaron McKenny:

The Person


My professional and personal lives overlap. I enjoy reading business- and research methods-oriented books and articles in my personal time. I am the guy you’d find on the beach reading Thirst by Scott Harrison (good book, by the way) rather than the latest thriller.

That being said, I do have a non-professional life that I love sharing with my amazing wife and daughter. Having recently moved to Bloomington, IN, we are still exploring all the city has to offer. I am also a technology and electronics tinkerer and still find time to play a video game from time to time. I do enjoy playing piano as well… but poorly.